From a fancy restaurant to a tea seller, foody people have their own gig. Restaurant owners are seeking the golden opportunity of the digital era by deploying dedicated restaurant apps to increase their consumer base. Now, people have more busy life and you’ll not be surprised to know that 70% of the users order food while traveling. Online presence can rocket sky your sales. But you should have a well-researched plan to build your restaurant mobile app-

Visual appearance: Looks are the first thing we notice. If your app is just dull and gray, no one is going to proceed. But having a good interface and exciting food pictures are going to make your customers even hungrier. Make sure your app has exciting pictures matching with the theme color to attract your clients. Basically, the app must be appealing enough that your customers can do nothing but order. The font, theme colors, pictures, CTA buttons etc should be aligned properly along with the layout of the overall app.

Convey the core information: Make sure your app offer every information your customer might looking up over Google. Your app must have the information from address, directions, seating, ambiance, cuisines served, opened-closed time, other outlets etc. make sure you mention about your restaurant, your achievements, specialties, other services (birthday parties/ catering etc) you offer. Give it a personal touch as people love eating with a homely feeling.

Digital Menu Card: Just having a menu is not enough. Imagine clicking on the menu option and having a couple of dishes listed out! Not interesting, right? Rather having a menu neatly organized with a brief detail about the dishes, that actually speaks volume about your restaurant. Add some amazing picture, add details to the special items and recommend some “must try” dishes of your restaurant. Put some efforts and see the difference.

Ordering Procedure: Restaurant app should not just be limited to the information regarding menu or directions only. It must allow users to order food. Users might not be able to physically visit the restaurant, but you must focus on serving them food at their doorstep. But make sure the ordering procedure is not too complex as you must try to make it quick and easier for the users.

Offers and discounts: it is important to retain your existing customers to be in the competition. Offer loyalty points, exclusive discounts, customized offers etc to your customers based on their ordering history. Encourage referral program to seek new consumers, plus, this the best marketing strategy. Indulge in some effective customer relationship management techniques.