Developing and deploying a mobile app is no big deal as every other restaurant have their own dedicated mobile app. But the problem is it takes away your traffic and makes it even difficult to stand out of the crowd. But there are some elements you can add in your food-ordering app to increase your customer base. Try them out to make your app look more captivating and appealing.

Icon: Icon or logo is the introductory point of your app and business as well. Try making it appealing and descriptive at the same time. Hire the best logo designer out there to create the perfect logo which is captivating and speak about your business at the same time. This is a work of art and if you do it right, it could be the first establishment in the digital food industry.

Menu: You have a great app with great features with all the multimedia files and everything. But the menu is the best part of the app. Remember that your end-users are foodies and they’re looking for food right now. Make your menu exciting and appealing but do it in a neatly organized manner. Don’t overdo it and keep it exciting but classy.

Color-theme: Psychology says yellow, orange and red colors are the most appetizing colors. Ever noticed that most of the restaurants or cafes have yellow or red interior because they increase the appetite. Or if you sell healthy food like salads, consider green color. If you’re selling pastries and sweet, consider red color. basically, go for a color theme depicting your core area of business as it is the best strategy and is always overlooked.

Picture and multimedia files: Hire a professional and get your best dishes photographed. Put them on your app and introduce your dishes to your customers visually. Make sure the pictures are amazing enough to increase the appetite of your customer. Express it well with pictures, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Quantity and cost of dishes: Make sure your app is informative. Your customers are not going to order if they don’t know how much it is costing them, right? Make it conventional for the customers so that they know the price and quantity of the dishes as well.