Blog 4

If you think that getting a website or mobile application is enough to accentuate your digital marketing efforts for your restaurant business, you are wrong here! Surely, it offered you a prolific journey and you might have managed to get the best in the initial days. But are you experiencing a slight downward slope in the performance now?

With a website, it is easier to fulfill the demands of digital dynamics and competition in the hotel industry as well but it won’t be the same as the initial thrust. Just developing and deploying a digital is not sufficient to fulfill the demands of competition. You are required to overhaul your website from time to time. But how will you identify that you need to boost your current food ordering website or mobile food ordering app? It can be challenging but here are some tips for you to help you make a decision.

1. Lower Conversion

It is possible that the traffic on your app or website look fine but it can get the right conversion rate. This surely is the major sign that you need to boost your digital efforts because the current efforts aren’t working as you supposed it would! When the traffic is alright but you don’t see it converting into real sales, it could be a technical glitch as well. Lack of update or your current app strategy is just going out of date. There you need to address the issue with the usability testing of your app or mobile on an immediate basis. And sometimes your app is not compatible with a device and doesn’t run as expected. It can result in a potential loss of customers.

2. Lack of Mobile-Friendliness

You might have an amazing website attracting a lot of traffic and working just fine when accessed over a desktop or laptop. But sometimes they don’t work as efficiently on the mobile devices as it works on the laptop or other similar devices. But with the exponential growth in the use of smartphones, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. The reason is that 80% of the users now access the internet on their mobile phones. Extend your support towards ease of access by offering mobile friendliness to your potential prospectus.

3. Increase in Bounce Rate

If you’re observing your users visiting the homepage of your website, doesn’t maneuver and leaves the website immediately and never return back, well this is a serious sign! This is the time you need to investigate the major issue with your website that is causing this backlash. Major reason behind this backlash can be the poor impression of your website, or your website taken longer than needed to load. In that case, improve the user interaction of your website and remove the unnecessary media content from your website to optimize the speed of your website.

4.Fewer Downloads

If your mobile is developed to run on a single platform, you just declared yourself incompetent! Your app might be amazing and it might work perfectly but if it can’t run on multiple platforms, you ultimately lose the users of the non-compatible platform. So make your app multi-platform. It will help your food business with new possibilities.