Blog 6

The best thing about Christmas is the festive spirit which also boosts the appetite of people. So take advantage of the festive spirit and make most out of it by making use of the social media marketing campaign. People are likely to spend money on great food, so you gotta take advantage of that and reach out to your customers. Here are some cheap but effective tricks to make use of Facebook marketing that will help you with promotions during the holiday season.

Prep a Christmas Menu

To boost Christmas spirit, prepare a Christmas special menu. But make sure you prepare it weeks before the actual Christmas day. Launch it on the Facebook page along with the hidden promotions in it. It’s up to you whether you want to serve the Christmas special menu whole December, a week before Christmas or a day before Christmas. Give your customers what they expect from you including knick-knacks to Delicious Ginger-Breads and delicious desserts for the sweet tooth. Stick to the concept of your restaurant and fill out the expectations of you Christmas-spirit filled customers.

Try Live Streaming

On Christmas day, hold live streaming showing your customers enjoying eating Christmas-special cuisines. Videos attract more attention than pictures or status update so keep up with the great marketing techniques and share some happiness as well. To make the live streaming more interesting, add a teaser in the video description.

Combine Graphics and Images

Share the amazing pictures of your cuisines on your Facebook page. Make it more attention-grabbing and exciting by adding the pinch of the graphics to your picture. With graphics, you can express more, of course, the end result would be like a scene from a cartoon. But, it is what makes the posts more exciting. Make it more informative by adding a date, hint of a story or current offer running on the cuisine. It's better if you add a professional graphic designer to your team for better branding of your restaurant. Or there are various online sites available which offer great templates to make decent graphics yourself, like Piktochart or Canva, that too free of cost.

Tap on Pop Culture

Support the local talent of your city or town and encourage them by offering them a stage in your restaurant. Invite your customers through Facebook invitation and encourage them on your Facebook page. It will give you a pop culture touch and will attract more customers on Christmas as people like to cherish talent.

Share User-Generated Content

Get your customers to speak about the experience they had in your restaurant on Christmas, record it and post it on the Facebook page. Or you can ask your customers to post the pictures online and tag the official page in exchange of the discount coupons that are redeemable on the next visit. It will not only offer the indirect promotion but will also gain you some loyal customers. Decorate your restaurant for Christmas and make it so appealing that the customers are compelled to post pictures on Facebook and then share those picture on your business page to show off your Christmas spirit.