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We are focused on developing custom solutions for the food services industry. Our flagship product, Intrvo Business Engine is a turn-key system to power any food services related business, like restaurants, bar, cafe, etc. With feature-rich mobile applications and innovative marketing strategies, take control and propel your business into the next stage.

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Intrvo Features

Welcome to Intrvo. We serve food-industry dedicated business with the powerful and feature-rich mobile applications. We offer professional mobile applications with rich user experience to create a remarkable impact over your end-consumer.

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Admin Backend

Manage your staff, orders, Customers and Inventory on the go with the use of our Intuitive backend. You can easily view & manage recently placed orders, their status, delivery process etc. through provided web admin backend.

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Free WiFi

Incentivize your clients to install the app with free in-store WiFi. Control how much time and bandwidth is allowed to the clients for free WiFi access.

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Increase your sales by attracting your clients with offers as they physically enters a pre-defined radius of your establishment. Geofencing is now a must have tool to market your business.

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In-App Payment

Allow your clients to order and pay for in-app. We'll integrate your existing card processor or any other third party like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, etc.

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Loyalty Program

Ensuring repeat orders & retention. Greet your regular customer and offer special discount instantly to enhance repeat orders. Customers can review the loyalty points and they can redeem for offers. The Loyalty Program can be customized and store owner can turn this off or on as per the business needs.

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Marketing Collateral

Custom posters and standee will inform your clients about the benefits of installing the app. They will also point them, with QR code, from where they can install the app on their mobile device.

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Now run all your outlets with a single app with easy to use Inventory and Staff management options. With multi location feature, you can save their time by updating inventory at one section and it will be updated everywhere automatically.

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Offers & Discounts

Greet your regular customer and offer special discount instantly to enhance repeat orders. Your restaurant mobile app will offer to your customers, a range of special offers/ deals/ seasonal discounts/ happy hours and so much more.

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Push Notification

With online integration, send new menu items, specials, or events to clients to keep them engaged. Restaurants come up with new menus at intervals. How will the consumer be having this information? The best way is to send them a message using Push Notification feature.

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Refer and Earn

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors and reward them with fabulous offers and deals. Customers can earn points, vouchers or food deals by referring app to their friends & relatives. They can redeem these offers at the time of their next orders.

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Reports and Analytics

Order history along with tracking makes your business appear trustworthy and reliable. Keep a track of which orders have been picked up or delivered. Get the instant status of checkout option and order amount status across the app to make navigation hassle free.

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How it Works?

You On the Go platform to offer delightful and seamless browsing experience to your customers!

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Navigation Bar

The navigation bar on the top of the application lets the user have access to the various options, homepage, and cart, just by tapping over the respective option.

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Cuisine Picture

Alluring cuisine pictures attract the customers to place the order.

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This section gives the information regarding the different categories of food available in the restaurant along with the pictures.

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Category Browsing

This section includes a neatly placed category which allows you to browse through all the different food categories offered by the restaurant.

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A pat on our back from our happy clients for the satisfactory services we offered to them!

Why do you need Intrvo?

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Have a look at some of the applications which made life easier for our clients!

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your queries here! Your thoughts are not limited to the questions listed here. You can always contact us.

Definitely! Intrvo app is helpful to all those restaurants dedicated to serving their foody-consumers right with exiting menu and discounts. Allow us to make your business even more compelling with powerful and feature-rich mobile application to support your business with strong online presence and SEO empowerment. You can also have your desired banners and themes at your impulse.
Well, it is pretty simple actually. Put your trust and confidence in us and let us serve you right by setting up the mobile application which fits your core business requirement. We understand your business first to recognize your requirements and implementation of the recognized requirements. Our extremely talented and hard-working team will offer you remarkable front-end and back-end management as well. We make sure that we are done will this entire operation within a few hours and you can have your application set up within a day.
You will have complete ownership over your customers along with the admin panel. You end-consumers are your assets and you can manage them as you want and Intrvo allows you to run your business as you want by handing over the access over your staff, customers, stocks and order to you, entirely!
First and foremost goal of Intrvo you locate the gaps between your business and your consumers and fill it. We create your restaurant app with your desired name so that your customers can locate it easily and download it.
Absolutely! Once we implement your app, it completely belongs to you. There are some options placed over dashboard which can help you modify your app as you desire. Plus, our helpdesk is always open if you need any further guidance.
We offer plenty of payment options we offer, we make it even easier for your customers to place the order with COD (Cash on delivery) even they don’t have online payment or card facilities.
We believe in transparency policy so no, there are no hidden charges.

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